PMG Conference Room

Premiere Motorsports Groups designs and manufactures a variety of utility furnishings that help companies showcase their brand and products.

Our new facility in Corona, CA features 20,000 Sq. feet of office space and gathering areas. Since we moved into the new building we had plans to upgrade this room into a serious conference area that will allow for the organization to hatch big plans, close the lucrative contracts and strategize for the next race win. It just needed a little dressing up and to finish it off with a stylish center piece.

Made out of scrap metal and 16 gauge steel plate, our in-house fabricators built a very stylish conference room table that seats up to 10 heavy hitters. The table surface sits 33″ off the floor and the dimensions are nearly 12 feet long by 49″ wide. Additionally the table is soaked in a deep Ferrari Red powder coating.

A large company logo, boxed in by the “Consistency” slogan was die cut out of authentic looking carbon fiber vinyl and to finish off the room the hall window presents logos cut out of specially made vinyl that gives the appearance of etched glass frosting.

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